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Sandy Thompson

Sandy Thompson

In this workshop we will cover

Navigating Board Governance: Essential Skills for Not-for-Profit Leaders, in-person workshop


Are you wanting to learn what governance is all about, or are you ready to elevate your leadership and governance skills? We are excited to invite you to our upcoming workshop, designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations.


This interactive session will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to enhance the effectiveness of your board and ensure your organisation thrives. Here’s a sneak peek at the key topics we will cover:


In this comprehensive workshop, we will cover the following critical topics:


Why do we have Boards?

Understand the fundamental purpose and importance of boards within not-for-profit organisations.


What do they actually do?

Dive into the core functions and responsibilities of a board, ensuring clarity on their role in your organisation's success.

How do we structure our Board to be good at governance?

Learn how to design and implement an effective board structure that promotes robust governance.

What are our roles and responsibilities as a Board?

Explore the specific duties and expectations of board members, including fiduciary responsibilities and ethical conduct.

What legal compliance are we responsible for?

Gain a clear understanding of the legal obligations and compliance requirements that boards must adhere to in New Zealand.

What does effective governance look like?

Discover the key characteristics and best practices of highly effective boards, and learn how to implement them in your organisation.


This workshop is ideal for current and aspiring board members, managers, and anyone involved in the governance of not-for-profit organisations. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead your board with confidence and ensure your organisation's success.


Date: Tuesday, 18 June

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Cost: FREE (limited to venue capacity of 50)

Venue: Shore Junction auditorium, 19 Northcote Road, Takapuna.

Parking: On site at the back or front or nearby

Presenter: Sandy Thompson (LEAD)

Liift is designed to assist your organisation in building capability, developing and strengthening leadership, and supporting you and your team to be adaptive and resilient in a changing environment. ANCAD brings in qualified consultants to mentor your Managers, CEOs and Governance Board/Committee members in various aspects of capability building from good governance, leadership, fundraising and marketing, to financial management and strategic planning.

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18 June 2024
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6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
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Shore Junction auditorium,
19 Northcote Road
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Please be aware that we require two working days’ notice if you wish to cancel your registration. If you cancel after this time payment is still required. We may (at our discretion) provide a credit note to be used for other training courses within twelve months of the original course.


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