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2023-03-16 How to activate your community through social media
Alecia Hancock

Alecia Hancock

In this session we will cover

Activate Your Community: how to use social media to get people in your area or network to take action

Get more people attending your events. Start conversations that build your network. Reach people in your community or area with social media. 


60 minute seminar on Zoom.


You might personally use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, but are you a little bit perplexed about how to use it at work? Maybe you’ve seen other brands use social media to build hugely engaged communities or heard of other organisations filling up their events with only a few posts.


You may even have seen causes consistently raising money, attracting volunteers or promoting their products to active and eager followers.


But where on earth would you start? Activate Your Community is a step-by-step guide to diving into the world of social media and focused on building that engaged community who will show up, step up or support your goals.


This seminar will answer those persistent questions:

  • Which platform should I use, there are so many!?!

  • What would I post about?

  • Will it actually work?

  • How will I reach the right people?

  • Can I do it fast with little or no money to spend?


This seminar will cover everything you need to get started in the world of social media community building. 



  • Why social media is the biggest opportunity you can explore for your organisation or community group. 

  • How to choose between the different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc) for your community.

  • Who you will be talking to online and why understanding this matters.

  • How often and when to post content.

  • What content to create and why.

  • How to ask for an outcome… and get it!

  • Best practices for building an engaged community. 



Find out exactly how often people are using social media, the audiences you may be missing out if you’re not in the right place and how you can leverage these channels for your success.


Whether you’re chasing bums on seats at your events, you want to sell artwork or connect people of the same cultural background – your community out there and easier to find than you think.  



You don’t need to be a professional writer, photographer or digital whizz to succeed on social media. It is easier than you might think. Once you find the platform that works for you and your audience, you’ll be able to set it up and start connecting with people before the end of the day.


In this workshop we will talk about the pros and cons of the biggest social media platform (Facebook versus Instagram, anyone?), why we think LinkedIn is an untapped community-building opportunity and how to get really clear on which one will work for you. 



Now that you’re on social media, how to you find your audience among the millions of others that are there? Whether you’re trying to reach a specific audience segment (bird watchers, anyone?!?) or people who live in a certain area – social media can be the solution. 


We will talk about how to identify your ideal community member, where to find them and how to speak to them in a way that will attract them to you. Answer questions like what time do you post? How do I create engaging messages? Why do some posts work and others don’t? 



Now that you’ve got your channels up and running, you need to fill it with content. That may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this workshop we will teach you the only four types of posts you ever need to create to build an engaging and outcome focused social media strategy.


Together we will look at different examples of posts that work and understand why. Find out how to replicate exactly what other successful pages are doing and apply them to your own community.



To finish off, we will run through some of the social media best practices – the ‘rules’ that can help you get bigger and better outcomes quicker without having to make a whole lot of mistakes first. 


You will also have the chance to ask any of your own pressing social media questions, so you leave the workshop feeling you have all the answers you’ve been searching for.

Liift is designed to assist your organisation in building capability, developing and strengthening leadership, and supporting you and your team to be adaptive and resilient in a changing environment. ANCAD brings in qualified consultants to mentor your Managers, CEOs and Governance Board/Committee members in various aspects of capability building from good governance, leadership, fundraising and marketing, to financial management and strategic planning.

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16 March 2022
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12:00 pm to 1 pm
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Please be aware that we require two working days’ notice if you wish to cancel your registration. If you cancel after this time payment is still required. We may (at our discretion) provide a credit note to be used for other training courses within twelve months of the original course.


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