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2023-07-19 AI in the workplace

Mark Spooner

Sarah Ritchie

Sarah Ritchie

In this session we will cover

This is the first in a new series of FREE lunchtime sessions, held once a month, on current topics of the day that affect or influence the community and beyond. The series is called, 'A lunchtime LiiFT with special guest....'


We shall be hearing from special guest speakers from the wider community and workplaces about current trends and issues of the day.


The aim is to provide information and opinion that will support and benefit community groups/NFP groups/organisations and anyone who has an interest with the topic at hand.


We are launching our first session on Zoom webinar on July 19, 12pm to around 12:45pm, with special guest...Sarah Ritchie (Journey Digital) speaking on the hot topic of AI and the use of it in the workplace, looking at the risks and opportunities. 


You will be welcome to submit questions beforehand to for this session or ask in Q&A in Zoom on the day, once the session has started.


A Lunchtime LiiFT with special guest...Sarah Ritchie from Journey Digital.


July 19, 12pm to 12:45pm.

AI in the Workplace: Assessing Risks and Opportunities

Special Guest: Sarah Ritchie (Journey Digital)

Zoom webinar: FREE


Is the world of AI new and confusing for you? Don't worry, you are not alone. Sarah Ritchie (Head of People & Culture, Journey Digital) will help to shed light on AI and popular AI tools such as ChatGPT, and the impact that they are having in our workplaces – for good, and for bad.


  • Discover how not-for-profits and businesses can harness AI's power ethically, addressing privacy concerns and other potential challenges.

  • Explore real-world examples of AI in the workplace.

  • Gain insights into how to use AI to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Learn how to start having the conversation about AI in your work environment and how to start navigating the potential risks involved.

This Lunchtime LiiFT session is perfect if you are just starting your AI journey. It is for business leaders, NFP/community organisations, HR professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the risks and opportunities of AI in the workplace.

Liift is designed to assist your organisation in building capability, developing and strengthening leadership, and supporting you and your team to be adaptive and resilient in a changing environment. ANCAD brings in qualified consultants to mentor your Managers, CEOs and Governance Board/Committee members in various aspects of capability building from good governance, leadership, fundraising and marketing, to financial management and strategic planning.

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19 July 2023
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12 noon to 12:45 pm
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Please be aware that we require two working days’ notice if you wish to cancel your registration. If you cancel after this time payment is still required. We may (at our discretion) provide a credit note to be used for other training courses within twelve months of the original course.


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